Church Leadership

23d60d_ca6b684dcd1280fd8777f6daccf02e50.pngPastor Myron C. Meredith

By the grace of God, Myron Meredith has been blessed with a gift for inspiring people to reach their full potential in the Kingdom of God.  After receiving his calling to the ministry in 2001, Myron later became a graduate of the Living Word Bible Training Center School of Ministry and Missions under the leadership of  Dr. William S. Winston. His vision from God is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.  With the Gospel of the Kingdom as his platform, Myron was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 2005.   Myron currently serves on the Board of Directors of Men of Valor Ministries, an outreach prison ministry, and he is a volunteer Chaplain and minister with the Illinois Department of Corrections and Juvenile Detention Center.  Myron, along with his wife, Kimberly, founded King’s Majesty Ministries where their mission is to teach people to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth.  With a passion for marriage and the family, Myron and his wife are also founding members of  Covenant Group, a collaboration of ministries whose mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through strengthening, restoring, and empowering, individuals, couples, and families through education and training for healthier relationships and better living. Myron’s vision from God is global and includes world-wide marriage and prison ministries as well as global transitional housing and training facilities.

A former corporate instructor, Myron has brought his love for teaching and passion for learning into the Kingdom of God.  By the grace of God, His Holy Spirit- led, revelatory teaching is sure to bring understanding of the Scriptures and point the lost towards Jesus Christ. 

23d60d_832cc4352956d8a049b7b10285eb7a3c.pngKimberly Meredith

 Kimberly Meredith is an anointed psalmist and teacher with a love for the Word of God. Training intercessory prayer and praise teams, her encouraging, yet down-to- earth style imparts wisdom to all that hear.  Partnering with her husband, Kimberly is co-founder of King’s Majesty Ministries and Covenant Group, helping to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.  Kimberly’s love for Jesus Christ and her warm smile greets everyone that she encounters.